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  1. No Entrance Examination
  2. Only parents/guardians are allowed to enter the school premises
  3. Bring student’s report card.

Entering IHMA

  1. Wear face mask/face shield upon entering the main gate.
  2. Present HQP and valid ID.
  3. Step on the disinfectant foot bath provided.
  4. Submit yourself for thermal scanning. Any person with temperature higher than 37.5oC  will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  5. Sign the logbook and get your priority number.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  7. Proceed to the waiting area and observe proper physical distancing of one meter.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Fill up the learner enrollment and survey form. (NOTE: This form may be downloaded using the following links or may be picked up from the guard before coming to enroll for faster transaction).

2. Wait for your priority number to be called.

3. Proceed to Window 1 and submit the filled-up form for sectioning and assessment.

4. Proceed to Window 2 or 3 for payment.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy awards a Gold medal for Loyalty in grateful recognition to Grade 12 graduates who have studied in IHMA from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Congratulations to the Loyalty Medalists and to their parents!

Grade School and Pre-School Department

Pre-School Academic & Special awards 2019-2020 – View below:

Pre-School Fourth Quarter 2019-2020 – View below:

Grade 1-5 Fourth Quarter 2019-2020 – View below:

Grade 1-5 Academic & Special Awards 2019-2020 – View below:

Grade 6 Academic & Special awards 2019-2020 – View below:

JHS Department

JHS Fourth Quarter – View below:

JHS Final Ranking – View below:

JHS (Grade 10) Academic and Special Awards – View below:

SHS Department

SHS Fourth Quarter – View below:

SHS (Grade 11) Final Ranking – View below:

SHS (Grade 12) Academic and Special Awards – View below:

IHMA Online Enrollment for the School Year 2020-2021 will start on May 15, 2020.  For more details kindly contact Telephone No. (087) 3883-232.


*Online Enrolment for S.Y. 2020-2021 is only for OLD STUDENTS.

*New Enrolees, Please wait for further announcements to be posted on this site.


Click the link bellow:

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy gives recognition to the following teaching and non-teaching personnel in grateful appreciation of their years of dedicated service as mission partners of IHMA.

We are issuing the  following Advisory in response to the queries of the parents, students and other stakeholders taking into consideration the Orders and Memoranda issued by the Department of Education on the “Prevention, Control and Mitigation of the Spread of COVID-19.

  1. Graduation (Grade 6), Moving Up (Kinder and Gr.10)  and the Recognition ceremonies are canceled in compliance with General Community Quarantine  and  the need for physical distancing as well as restrictions on mass gathering. Senior High School graduation is uncertain.
  2. The Report Cards (Form 138) and the awards for honors may be released starting May 18 depending on the pronouncements and  restrictions to be given by the Province and the City on May 15.  Please wait for further announcements.
  3. Unfinished Clearance should be processed before the Report Cards are released.
  4. The Senior High School (SHS) Diploma will be distributed only when the Special Order is issued  by the DepEd Region XI.
  5. Because of the “unfamiliar situation created by COVID-19”, the opening of classes is not yet scheduled but we are considering that classes may start in August 2020 depending on the Advisory of the DepEd and the situation.
  6. Online enrolment will start on May 15. Further Guidelines  will be announced later. However Walk-in enrolment will also be entertained with proper guidelines from DepEd, the Executive Order from the Province and the City, as the situation will warrant.
  7. Pls. note that in consideration of the present situation, there will be no increase in Tuition and other fees for SY 2020-2021.
  8. If physical distancing continues to be implemented, Distance Education or a Modified Blended  Learning will be utilized for SY 2020-2021 particularly for the Junior High School and the Senior High School.  Other forms of learning is still being studied for the Kinder and the Grades 1 – 6 pupils. The guidelines will be presented later when the final decision is taken.

We want to assure you  that the administration  is most concerned with the health and safety of  everyone particularly,  of the students, the faculty and staff and is taking all the precautionary measures for their protection from the COVID-19.  Let us be united in abiding by the policies and guidelines mandated by the government in the prevention, control, and mitigation of this disease. Let us practice physical distancing, wearing a mask, and  the washing of our hands frequently. Please be patient and try to  understand that this  is not an easy situation  to  deal with for all of us.

Let us guide our children in praying for God’s intervention in this time of uncertainty and ask Him to put an end to this crisis soon. With Mother Mary, let us entrust to the Lord our supplications as we thank Him for the graces He continuously bestows on us.

Thank you and God bless each one of us .

There Giving

Having the chance to help and be helped are the things that IHMA taught me this year. Indeed, the act of extending a hand to those in need produces inner joy.

As part of the Grade School Department’s annual activity, we conducted an Outreach Program at Fausta Salazar Como Memorial School, Baranggay Matiao, City of Mati. Mrs. Christy B. Felizarta, the Grade School Academic Supervisor, together with the officers of the Graders Coordinating Group (GCG) and the Young Missionaries of Delia Tetreault organized a simple yet heartwarming program.

It was a gloomy day but the students and the teachers of FSCMS welcomed us with warm smiles and hugs. They have actively participated to the games we prepared, and danced with us. We brought prizes and candies for the winners. We also prepared snacks for them. Aside from that, we gave each of them a pack containing rice, canned goods, school supplies and personal hygiene kits- which were donated by our Graders. It was a day full of fun and blessings to all of us. I feel ecstatic and I am looking forward for more opportunities like this.  It made me realize that whatever actions we do, may it be big or small, can give great impact to other people’s lives. 

The IHMA- Volleyball men has remained undefeated since the last season in the Federation of Parent-Teachers Association Davao Sporstfest.

The team is advancing to the semi-finals and eyeing to get into the championship games on March 21,2020. 

Furthermore, the school has also participating teams for Baskteball Men and Volleyball Women. 

The volleyball and basketball teams are composed of parents and teachers of IHMA led by Ms. Angie D. Lapu-lapu, the PTA President.

The event is now on its third season, which is participated by different private schools.

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