Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy

Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy

History of IHMA


The  history  of I.H.M.A.   dates  back  to March  3, 1947,   when   Msgr.   Maurice    Michaud,    P.M.E.,    then Parish  Priest  of Mati,  Fr. Conrad  Lafortune,  P.M.E.,  the assistant   Parish  Priest,   and  the  parishioners   welcomed four  Canadian   Sisters  of  the  Missionary   Sisters  of the Immaculate   Conception   (M.LC.).  They  came  to  answer the  need  of the  town:  To give a Catholic education to the youth.

The parishioners  helped the Sisters in the establishment    of  the  school   in  Zamora   St.  The  two- storey home  of Mrs. Pacencia  Lim V da. De Serrano  was used as the first schoolhouse,  which was divided into classrooms     and    offices,    the    Sister’s    quarters    and dormitory  for interns.

The   school   received   its  official   name Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy, on June  18, 1947. July  of that  same  year  saw  15 pupils attending  regular classes.   The  first  elementary   graduation   was held  on April 19, 1950 with two pupils receiving their certificates.    With   the    determined    leadership    of   its superior,    Mother    Bernadette-de-Lourdes (Rachel    de Mars, MIC), the school made  considerable  progress.

In  1950 Mrs.  Maria  Vda.  De Lopez  donated  her lot in Quezon  St., the present  school  site, in exchange  of the  site  in Zamora  St. The construction   of the administration    and   high   school   building    started   that same  year  and  was  completed   in  1951.    Thus,  IHMA transferred   to    Quezon    Street    to    accommodate     its growing population.

On   March   27,   1954,   five   students   graduated from   High   School.  In   1962,   college   courses   were offered  but  the  college  department   was  phased   out  in 1972.

In  1968 the  first  floor  of  a two-storey   building known  as the  P.T.A. building   was  erected.  In 1975  an additional      two-storey elementary       building      was constructed.  It was  finished  in  1976. In 1977 the second floor   of  the  PTA   building   was   constructed    and  was completed  in 1978. In 1980-81,  the Health  and Nutrition building,  housing  the  canteen  on the  first  floor  and  the faculty  room  on  the  second  floor,  was  constructed.   In 1983 IHMA  started  the construction   of the first phase  of the concrete  five-storey  building,  which  was named  after the  Foundress   of  the  MIC   –  Delia   Tetreault.   It  was finished   in   1997  when   IHMA   celebrated   its  Golden Jubilee.  In 2002 the school’s  gymnasium  was completed. It was used  on the occasion  of the launching  Mass of the MIC Centennial  celebration.

The   metamorphosis     was   gradual   and   labored with  sacrifices.   Triumphs   and  blessings,     remained   so valued  in the hearts  and memories  of  all those who have treasured their dear almamater. IHMA may have gone through  ups and downs but the marks  it has embossed  in the lives  of the thousands  of students  who  came  and left the  institution   after having  been  honed  not  only intellectually   but  more  so  spiritually   are  manifested   in the   number    of   graduates    who    have   become    very successful  in their fields of endeavor.

Year 2007 is a special  and blessed  year as IHMA celebrated  its Diamond Year  bearing  the theme:  “IHMA at  60:  Thanking   the Past,  Transforming    the  Present, Creating  the Future,  Keeping   the Dream  Alive”.  In the course of 60 long  years,  IHMA  had  remained   steadfast in  its  resolve   of forming   servant  leaders   imbued   with Catholic     Christian     training    and    education     geared towards   enhanced   dynamism   in  witnessing  the  Gospel and the strengthening   of the local Church.

In 2012 IHMA celebrated  its 65th  Founding Anniversary  with the theme:  “IHMA Fully Alive  @ 65″. Sr.  Regina  R.  Villarte,   MIC,  Directress,  addressed   the need   for  better   facilities   with  the  construction   of  the facade,    a   3 -storey    structure    adjacent   to   the   Delia Tetreault building,  which  houses  the  new  AVR  and the Student  Development  Center,  and  the  improvement   of the gate along Nazareno   St. That  same year  IHMA  took the big leap when it applied for accreditation  with the Philippine  Accrediting  Association   of Schools,  Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

In April  2015, preparations  were laid down for the construction   of  a new concrete  four-storey   high  school building   in  response   to  the  new  Senior   High   School program.   This edifice  will replace  the 63-year  old semi- concrete  high  school  building  which  was  constructed  in 1951.   The  ground-breaking    ceremony   took  place   on June 8, 2015. The new building  was blessed  on June  8, 2016 by Rev.  Fr. Edilberto  R. Mahinay, DCM  and was  formally turned  over by the contractor,  Engr. Noel  Bersabe of the Ugnayan  Builders  to the  IHMA  board  of Trustees.    St. Leticia    Dotollo,      MIC,     Provincial      Superior      and Chairperson   of  the  Board thanked   all  the  stakeholders for their  support  and  sacrifices  in the realization   of the project.         In     her    acceptance     message,     Sr.   Letty emphasized  that “this  is our giving  back to the Almighty God  as this is an act of mission  in realizing   our  dream for the children.”

There  is  so  much  to  be  grateful   for,  this  year 2019 is a very meaningful   and joyful  year for IHMA has passed   the   PAASCU   accreditation    to   which   she   is granted  a three-year   accreditation.  This  of course  would not be possible  if not because  of the  cooperation   of the entire  community   who  helped   each  other  in  achieving this  dream for the  institution   in making  a difference  in the community  and society at large.

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