The Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (I.H.M.A.)
Is a Catholic Co-Educational Institution Established by the
Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C.) in 1947.
The School Community with a distinct Filipino character is rooted in
Jesus Christ and inspired by our Blessed Mother Mary’s
example of discipleship and Venerable Delia
Tétreault’s Spirituality of Thanksgiving.


A vibrant learning community of Faith,
Excellence, and Service witnessing in joyful
thanksgiving to the Good News-Jesus Christ
to all people especially in the
City of Mati and in the province
of Davao Oriental.


To journey with the students in their integral
formation and development as maturing
Christians who actively participate in
building a just and peaceful society.

Hence, the school resolves to:

• provide a curriculum that is learner-centered, geared towards the mastery of basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, which integrates Kingdom values and culture, and is pursued in the context of education today;

• facilitate the living out of the Filipino cultural heritage, hence, committed to participate in the building of a Filipino nation that is maka-Diyos, maka-tao, maka-bayan and maka-kalikasan;

• foster a climate of an educating community wherein teachers, non-teaching staff and administrators manifest a genuine reciprocity, collaboration, generous service and commitment to the kingdom values;

• help the members of IHMA community to pursue their participation in the mission of Christ – to the upliftment of life, the promotion of justice and peace, and an authentic concern for the poor and the non-Christians, as well as responding to the challenges of globalization.