The School Seal has the following symbols:

Inflamed with Mother Mary’s virtues, IHMA aims to develop a community where love and service abide.

Diamond shape represents the four dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, oral, physical. IHMA education is geared to the development of a well-rounded integrated and liberated global personality. Through the Catholic Christian education, the school hopes to produce persons who are just, honest, upright, respectful Christians, committed to the task of bringing about justice, harmony, peace and unity wherever they are.

As a Catholic educational institution, IHMA strives to create a community committed to live and to proclaim the good news of salvation.

IRMA hopes to bring love and compassion in the lives of the students through a Christ-centered curriculum as promoters of evangelization of the nonChristians and re-evangelization of Christians.

IRMA hopes to prepare young people who can be light bearers, like Christ and Mary, bringing truth, goodness, love, life and joy wherever they go. Specifically, the school aims to prepare its students to be the light in their own family and in the society.

Being a Catholic school, IHMA aims primarily at evangelization. The school hopes to provide an atmosphere that will encourage and challenge its students to discover and meet Christ, the LIVING WORD OF GOD. The school hopes to cultivate in the students a faithful and attentive listening to God’s word. They will be challenged to respond daily to become men and women of love and service, who will strive to build a better world by establishing and promoting universal brotherhood/sisterhood because we are all children of the same Father.

The phrase means To Jesus through Mary. It embodies the Marian spirit of the school that seeks to live the Christian life with Mary. The IHMA community is encouraged to form a personal love for Mary and imitate her life of service.