“Let gratitude fill your life, let it overflow. ” (Delia Tetreault)

  • Manifests a strong sense of gratefulness in spirit and deeds
  • Experience God’s loving presence developed through personal prayer and reflection
  • Displays joyful confidence in God’s loving care
  • Shows cheerfulness and joy in all circumstances
  • Gives honest praise and appreciation for the good done by others
Faith in God
  • Manifests faith in God and compassion to His creation
  • Reads and reflects on Sacred Scripture as a means of daily spiritual nourishment
  • Knows, follows, and shares the teachings of the Church
  • Participates actively in the religious celebrations of the community in the spirit of Christian fellowship
  • Participates actively in the integration of Christian spirituality, morals, and ethics across the curriculum
Truthfulness in Relationship
  • Promotes harmonious relationships based on mutual trust and respect
    Shows openness In receiving feedback and corrections for self-improvement
  • Shows understanding of the weaknesses and limitations of self and others
  • Shows patient endurance in reaching out to others and working for reconciliation and peace
  • Demonstrates positive interaction with superiors and peers
  • Exercises thoughtful care in responding to the needs and feelings of others
Quality and Excellence in Service
  • Works responsibly without need for close supervision
  • Shows consistency in performing tasks systematically, competently, and promptly
  • Puts performance and duties and responsibilities above personal convenience
  • Is punctual and prompt in meeting responsibilities and appointments
  • Takes full responsibility for the development of one’s potential
  • Practices industry and diligence to avoid undue dependence on others
  • Makes good use of available resources through creative, innovative, and judicious means
  • Shows love for learning and research
  • Updates knowledge and skills in a process of lifelong learning
  • Pursues high achievement standards in everything one does
  • Manifests skills in collaborative problem solving and decision making
  • Shows appreciation for faith in Jesus Christ as source and wellspring of human knowledge and values
Truth and Justice
  • Takes decisive action against all forms of dishonesty and unethical conduct
  • Fulfills one’s obligations and promises faithfully
  • Upholds the rights, privileges, and duties and responsibilities of Filipino citizenship
  • Practices critical analysis and reflection to see the interrelationships of significant historical events
  • Shows care, protection, and appreciation of the environment and natural resources
  • Shows reverence for human life and dignity
  • Promotes concern and protection for women, children and the disadvantaged against physical, verbal, and moral abuse.
  • Shows respect and gives support for those dehumanized by poverty, ignorance and helplessness
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to human misery
  • Promotes international understanding and world peace