IHMA Grade School commits itself to develop students who after completing the Grade School Education will become grateful:


•   know their rights and privileges;
•   show awareness and perform their duties responsibly;
•   accept suggestions, corrections, and criticisms with open mind.


•  witness in their lives their abiding faith in God;
•  respect the dignity of persons and the importance, and value of creation;
•  recognize that everything good is a gift from God;
•  care for their spiritual life;
•  show God’s loving kindness at home, in school, in the parish and in the community.


•   take pride in their Filipino identity.; exhibit basic understanding of the Philippine culture, the desirable values, attitudes and ideals of a Filipino;
•   exhibit desirable values, attitudes and ideals with a strong sense of nationalism;
•   show awareness of the social, political and economic situations of the country;
•   work productively as members of their family, school and community;


•   acquire, develop and utilize basic concepts and skills in the different learning areas;
•   analyze and evaluate learning experiences critically and systematically;
•   face the challenges to become competent persons who are globally competitive.
•   communicate effectively in oral and written English and Filipino.


IHMA offers a curriculum that includes formal instruction and non-formal activities and experiences to facilitate the attainment of the school mission, goal and objectives.


Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, at Sibika
Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TLE)
Musika at Sining
Edukasyon sa Kagandahang Asal at Wastong Pag-uugali
Science and Health
Religious Education (REED)
Computer (Grade 3-6)
Edukasyong Papapalakas ng Katawan

Academic Regulation

IHMA admits any qualified applicants based on the admission requirements. The applicant must pass the written and oral exams.
I. Nursery – must be three (3) years old in June of current school year. Must pass the oral interview.
II.  Junior Kinder – the applicant must be four (4) years old in June of current school year and must pass the written and oral exams.
III.  Senior Kinder – the applicant must be five (5) years old in June of the current school year and must pass the written and oral exams.
IV.  Grade 1 – Has successfully completed Prep. The applicant must be six (6) years old in June of current school year. Must pass the written and oral exams.

New Pupils: Grade I – VI
1. Photocopy and original copy of NSO authenticated Certificate of Live Birth.
2.  Certificate of Attendance/Report Card (Form 138), signed by the school head from the last school attended.
3. Must pass the placement test given by the Guidance Center.
4. Two (2) copies of recent identical lxl I.D. picture.

1.  Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) recently renewed by the Bureau of Immigration
2. Study  permit  for Immigrants
3. Passport
4. School records from previous school, duly authenticated by the Embassy
5. Must pass the placement test given by the Guidance Center
6. Two (2) copies of recent identical1x1 I.D. picture

Old Pupils
1. Report Card (Form 138)
2. Pupils with disciplinary problems must be accompanied by parents/guardian for interview
3. Settle old accounts, if any.

Returning  Pupils
Pupils who were once enrolled in the grade school and transferred to another school but want to come back are treated as new pupils regarding application for admission.

***The school reserves the right to refuse admittance to pupils who cannot cope with the requirements of the school.

Conditions for Non-admittance:
Admission may be refused by IRMA to Pupils who:

have been given the last chance to enroll due to poor academic standing but showed no improvement  in academic performance continue to have poor health are irregular in class attendance continue  to have undesirable  behavior  (deportment  grade below 80%) considerably fail to pay their school obligation.

Correction    of Names
A. Parents/Pupils themselves are the ones to request the school for change/correction of names, etc.


1.) affidavit  of 2 disinterested persons
2.) original birth certificate from the NSO

B. When all documents are in order, school should request the Regional Office through the Division Office

Placement of Transferees from Foreign Countries (cf.   Section 142, RMRPS)

Each accepting school shall have the discretion to determine the appropriate elementary grade in which to place the transferee. In general, except as otherwise indicated, the appropriate grade level should be the next curriculum year following that completed abroad by the applicant. For example, a pupil who has completed Grade IV in a foreign school abroad should be considered for admission to Grade V here.

Student Activities

To develop a total person, a balanced curriculum, one that speaks of harmony between the activities of the mind and the undertakings of the body is considered essential. IHMA has created curricular, co-curricular activities with a provision of joining extra-curricular activities that serve as a venue in training students to be effective leaders inside and outside of school campus.

The curricular activities provide students wholesome experiences,  which develop their personality, socialization skills, confidence  and sense of identity by generously sharing their God-given talents.  They also enrich their opportunities to witness their faith, heighten their social consciousness and strength what they have learned in the formal instruction of the school. Such activities may include but not limited to:
1. Nutrition Month
2. Buwan ng Wika
3. Spelling Contest
4. On-the-Spot Drawing Contest
5. Science Exhibit/Science Camp
6. Quiz Bee
7. United Nations Week
8. Songfest
9. P.E. Demonstration

The Co-curricular/Extra-curricular activities seek to provide opportunities outside the regular classroom program for the students to develop their leadership skills, social consciousness and sense of responsibility and to participate actively in local and national projects. This is accomplished through their participation in different clubs and organizations. Such activities may include but not limited to:
Faith Oriented
o   Knights of the Altar
o   Liturgical Choir
o   YMDT
Performing Arts
o    Art Club
o    Crum and Lyre
o    Dance Troupe
Literary Arts
o    Baynews
o    Dyamante
Civic Oriented
o    Star Scout
o    GSP
o    BSP
o    RCY
o    English Club
o    Filipino Club
o    Science Club
o    Math Club
Pupils’   performance   is evaluated   every  quarter  following these  criteria:
– 20% Attendance
– 50% Participation    & Involvement
– 30% Behavior