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To develop a total person, a balanced curriculum, one that speaks of harmony between the activities of the mind and the undertakings of the body is considered essential. IHMA has created Curricular, Co-curricular activities with a provision of joining extra-curricular activities that serve as a venue in training students to be effective leaders inside and outside of school campus.

A. Baynews

The Baynews is the official school paper of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy in both departments Grade School & High School. As it abides by the constitution and bylaws promulgated by Campus Journalism Act of 1991, it provides information in an accurate, comprehensive, timely and in understandable manner. It seeks therefore, to facilitate the flow of information directly affecting the school and local community; practice transparency in equalizing Catholic morals and freedom of speech; foster excellence among young journalists as budding transformers of the society; inspire successive generations of people by igniting a climate of social responsiveness and collaboration; and promotes social identity through responsible journalism (cf. Constitution and Bylaws: Baynews, 2007-2008)

B. Curricular Activities

The Curricular activities provide students wholesome experiences, which develop their personality, socialization skills, confidence and sense of identity by generously sharing their God-given talents. They also enrich their opportunities to witness their faith, raise their social consciousness, and strength what they have learned in the formal instruction of the school. Such activities may include:

  1. CLE / Bible Week
  2. English Week
  3. Buwan ng Wika
  4. History Week
  5. Literary Competition
  6. Math Week
  7. Mission month
  8. Science Month
  9. P.E. Demonstration
  10. Songfest
  11. Sports fest
  12. Catechism to Public Schools
  13. Club Day

C. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

The Co-curricular/Extra-curricular activities seek to provide opportunities outside the regular classroom program for the students to develop their leadership skills, social consciousness and sense of responsibility and to participate actively in local and national projects. This is accomplished through their participation in different clubs and organizations. Such activities may include:

  1. Student Coordinating Group (SCG)
  2. Math Club
  3. Science Club (JESCI)
  4. English Club
  5. SamaFil
  6. Artist Guild
  7. Liturgical Choir
  8. Knights of the Altar
  9. Dance Troupe
  10. IHMA Band
  11. IT Club
  12. Red Cross Youth
  13. Senior Scouting Club
  14. Girl Scouts of the Philippines
  15. ICLC (IHMA Commentators & Lectors Club)
  16. JAMDE (Junior Associates of Mo. Delia)
  17. IHMA Blue Spikers Club
  18. Blue Crusaders Club
  19. Book Lovers Club
  20. Home Makers Club
  21. Chess Club
  22. Baynews
  23. Ang Dyamante

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